Court Case Dogs

Who are the “Court Case Dogs”?

Court Case Dogs have “done the time but not the crime” — victims of neglect or abuse who have been rescued by police and animal control from abusers and are associated with criminal court cases against their abusers. They are part of a program in which Safe Humane Chicago assesses them, engages volunteers and interns to socialize and train them to be irresistible family companions, transfers them to partner rescue groups, and provides them lifetime behavioral consultation or support.  

Want to learn more about the Court Case Dog program?  Check out this Brochure.  
Are you interested in welcoming a Court Case Dog into your rescue?  Check out this Brochure.
Want to learn about Court Case Dog stories? Get a copy of our book, A Ruff Road Home: The Court Case Dogs of Chicago, at /a-ruff-road-home.

Learn how the Court Case Dog Program got started and became integral to Safe Humane Chicago: