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Corporate/Group Volunteer Days

ON HOLD due to COVID-19 Safety Guidelines 

WHAT: Safe Humane Chicago’s volunteers invite you to come to meet, socialize and relax with the dogs (and cats, too, if you choose) at Chicago Animal Care and Control

WHERE: Chicago Animal Care and Control; 2741 S. Western Ave.
[free parking in the lot off 28th Street on the south side of the facility and on the street along 28th Street and Western Avenue]

WHEN: Tuesdays are best followed by Fridays and even Saturdays; typically not available are Wednesdays and Sundays. 3 to 3.5 hours is the typical amount of time – 4 hours or more ends up being overwhelming for volunteers. Typical times of day are 11:30a to 2:30p and 1p to 4p with adjustments around those times (but starting earlier than 11am is not easily an option because of cage cleaning unless we do administrative tasks as well).
             Lunch can be included in the time period: we will have some bottled water and a few snacks available, but if you want to bring a lunch we can arrange for tables and chairs to eat before we get to work with the animals.


  • Brief introduction to Safe Humane Chicago; depending on the audience, overview of CACC, the CACC facility and Safe Humane programs there (Court Case Dogs, manners classes, playgroups, enrichment, community programs), introductions to dogs (and cats, if you so choose), safety and Safe Humane's training philosophy (briefly). Paperwork, introductions and Q&A take approximately 30 minutes for groups of 10-15; add 30 minutes to include lunch.

  • Socialize with the dogs inside (and outside if weather permits), even bathing dogs outside in doggie pools and or hanging out in the playlots with them. We allot approximately 2 hours for these activities, which can also be conducted simultaneously by splitting visiting volunteers into groups among the Safe Humane volunteers. CACC-approved volunteers handle the dogs/hold the leashes.

  • Debrief for the last 20-30 minutes, answering questions, making connections wherever possible, discussing next steps or what else can be done by members of the group. Take group photos if we haven’t already!

  • NOTE: Making toys for dogs and cats and helping with administrative tasks are also possible.

PAPERWORK REQUIREMENTS: You must complete three waivers, one for the City and two for Safe Humane, one of which just gives Safe Humane permission to use photographs from your day. It is better to sign them before and bring them, though we will have copies available on the day of. Sending a roster of your volunteers in advance is also helpful. Please email to get copies of the current waivers or releases.

DRESS: Wear clothes you can get dirty -- long pants, tshirts (no tanks, no shorts, no skirts), closed-toe shoes (no sandals). Consider bringing a change of clothes: An airborne flu virus in dogs exists in particular pavilions (which you may choose not to visit), and a change of clothes will ensure you don't take it out of the shelter with you to other dogs. We will provide information and precautions on the day you come. We have other safety precautions we take as well, and all that will be discussed.

COST/DONATIONS: We do not charge for these events. However, we do need donations. Safe Humane depends on individual and business donations, and our volunteers love knowing that they are ensuring that the animals have sufficient resources for getting socialization, training, vet care, good equipment, transportation and ongoing support. Some companies leave it to their volunteers to donate; some provide monetary donations, and some in-kind. We suggest a $500 donation for 5 -9 volunteers, $1000 for 10-14 volunteers, $1500 for 15-19 volunteers. This is just a guideline. Some have given more, some less. We very much appreciate the awareness-building and the all-important attention given to the animals.
     A wish list of in-kind items needed is available upon request from .