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The information contained here is from initial arrest summaries, court proceedings, court advocate reports, and other sources.

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*** JULY 2019 HEARINGS ***


JULY 15, 2019 (Monday), 3:30 PM - 5:00PM


WHERE: Chicago Animal Care & Control, 2741 S Western Ave, Chicago

RSVP: Please pre-register to reserve a place and materials. 

EMAIL or LEAVE MESSAGE 312-409-4790


JULY 16, 2019 (Tuesday)

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm 504 (Judge Flood), 1:00pm - NOTE TIME

KOTLINSKI, Maciej DOB 052779 (15CR0002801/14CR2077901/14CR1907001/14113093201, HX446571): for ruling

charges(16): 3x murder/intent to kill/inj     

                     3x murder/strong prob kill/inj

                     3x cause child to be endgr

                     3x cause circumstance/endgr

                     2x animal torture 

                     2x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02a)        

arrest: 13xx N Sheridan Rd, 28Sep14

arresting officer: CPD Unit 5314

animals: 1 dog & 1 cat (both killed)

history: 30Sep14, 20Oct, 27Oct, 07Nov, 14Nov, 15Dec, 05Jan15, 06Jan, 03Mar, 22Apr, 15Jun, 05Aug, 24Sep, 14Oct, 26Oct, 28Mar16, 12Apr, 25May, 09Jun, 11Jul, 28Jul, 27Sep, 03Nov, 08Dec, 24Jan17, 23Mar, 23May, 06Jul, 24Aug, 30Oct, 14Dec, 31Jan18, 23Feb18, 15Mar, 11May, 14May, 29May, 25Jul, 06Sep, 24Sep, 23Oct, 28Nov, 21Dec, 19Feb19, 01Apr, 20May, 21May, 22May, 23May, 04Jun, 08Jul


note: allegedly killed wife & her 7-yr-old daughter as well as 2 pets

note: animal charges added 21Nov14

**COURT:  2600 S California, Rm302 (Judge Petrone), 9:30am

RIVERS, Jesse DOB 102875 (19CR0565401/19110859201, JC219437): discovery

charges(4):  4x UUW-Weapon-Felon, Possess/Use Firearm (720ILCS5.0/24-1.1(a))

arrest: Beat 0512, 103xx S Corliss Ave, 10Apr19

arresting officers: CPD units 6559D, 6559A

animal: 2 adolescent puppies - became CACC property

history: 11Apr19, 17Apr, 22Apr, 08May no bail warrant, 10May warrant quashed, 12Jun

note: 19110859201 included 1x poss of certain dogs by felon

note: 22Apr19 E&E order filed but not needed

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm 706 (Judge Obbish), 9:30am (usually 10:30AM)

DAVIS, Andre DOB 072061 (16CR0404101/16110249701, HZ155567)

charges(2): 1x mfg/del cannabis 30-500g

                   1x Mfg/Del 1<15g herion/analog

arrest: Beat 0714, 59xx S Paulina St, 18Feb16

arresting officer: CPD ACT Unit 6559B, 6559C

animals(2): 2 male dogs (A143895, A143896) became CACC property

history: 19Feb16 500k D-Bond, 26Feb, 16Mar, 23Mar, 24Mar, 01Apr, 05May, 11May, 09Jun, 25Jul, 14Sep, 20Oct, 22Nov, 05Jan17, 21Feb, 30Mar, 26Apr, 24May, 28Jun, 14Aug, 11Sep, 05Oct, 20Oct, 20Nov, 03Jan, 01Feb, 08Mar, 09Apr, 16May, 19Jul, 11Sep, 15Oct, 19Nov, 07Jan19, 19Feb, 22Feb, 14Mar, 10May, 11Jun

note: on 18Feb16 forfeiture petition and exercise and evaluate order

note: 14Mar19 (14CR1218802) found guilty of 1x agg kidnaping/armed 1x conceal homicidal death ; concurrent DUI (15CR1810601) pending

note: 16Mar16 transferred to 26th and California

note: 6 charges under 16110249701 included 2x depiction of animal cruelty and 2x owner duties


JULY 18, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm207(Judge Gillespie), 9:30am

HASSAN, Syed DOB 010179 (17CR0233001/17200038101, RD 1700281): possible plea

charges: 1x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a)) 

arrest: 10Jan17

arresting officer: Skokie PD

animal: 1 dog (shot and killed)

history: 12Jan17, 26Jan, 08Feb17 xferred to crim court, 17Feb, 22Feb, 03Apr, 01May, 12Jun, 31Jul, 06Sep, 10Oct, 15Nov, 13Dec, 26Jan18, 08Mar, 16Apr, 01Jun, 11Jul, 14Aug, 26Sep,  23Oct, 06Dec, 08Jan19, 29Jan, 19Feb VOBB, 27Feb, 11Mar, 10Apr, 15Apr, 30Apr, 07May, 18Jun, 09Jul

note: concurrent case 17CR0232901 (home invasion/firearm, agg batt/use deadly weapon, aggravated unlawful restraint, unlawful restraint)

note: 12Jan17 conditions of bond: surrender passport, no contact with victim or companion animals; 13Jan17 released on $200k EM D-bond, 19Feb19 VOBB - in custody with no bail

note: charges under 17200038101 - 1x agg cruelty and 1x cannabis


**COURT: Markham Rm106, 16501 Kedzie Ave, 9:00am (usually later)

MIDDLETON, Shaquille DOB 110994 (13CR0105707/12601563901, RD 12244985): sentencing

charges(7): 3x animal torture                           not guilty 14May19

                   1x attend/patronize dogfight         guilty 14May19

                   1x promoting dog fighting             not guilty 14May19

                   1x own/breed/train                        not guilty 14May19

                   1x sell/transport fighting dog        not guilty 14May19

note: to get private attorney per PD supervisor

incident: 15xx 142nd, Dolton, 05Dec12

charged: 08Dec12

arresting officer: Cook County

animals: 7 dogs (forfeited to South Suburban Humane)

history: Markham bond crt 08Dec12, Markham 101 11Dec, 28Dec, 04Jan13, Markham 107 23Jan, 07Mar, 25Apr, 11Jun, 22Jul, 12Sep, 07Nov, 18Dec, 26Feb14, 17Apr, 09May, 25Jun, 09Jul, 17Oct, 04Dec, 27Jan15, 28Jan, 27Feb, 12Mar, 29Apr, 12Jun, 17Jul, 14Aug Off call, 25Aug, 17Sep amended notice of appeal filed, 25Sep, 07Oct, 08Jan16, 24Mar17, 13Apr, 24Jul, 28Jul, 02Aug, 25Aug, 26Sep no bail warrant, 22Jan18 warrant executed - released on $10k I-bond, 30Jan, 12Mar, 17Apr, 05Jun, 19Jul, 04Sep, 26Sep, 17Oct, 31Oct, 04Dec, 24Jan19, 06Mar, 03Apr, 14May guilty 1x attend/patronize dogfight, 13Jun

note: 19Jan15 has new dogfighting case - no bail



JULY 22, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 9:00am

BROWN, Tony DOB 030581 (19118872301, JC292299): bench

charges(5): 4x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01) 

                    1x soliciting unlawful business (10-8-515)

arrest: Beat 1532, 48xx W Fulton St, 04Jun19

arresting officer: CPD units 6731G, 6732H

animals: 7 dogs (1 DOA) forfeited 12Jun19

history: 05Jun19 released on $5k D-bond, 12Jun

note: 10Jun19 (19119690801) charged with 1x cannabis mfg/del 2.5-10g nolle prossed and 1x soliciting unlawful business. Next up 03Jul19

note: known gang member

note: 05Jun19 forfeiture petition and E&E order filed - no longer needed

**COURT: 2600 S California Ave, Rm706(Judge Obbish), 9:30am

COLLINS, James DOB 092155 (19CR0102001/18200027001, RD 1811366)

charges (4): 1x agg domestic bat/use deadly weapon (720ILCS5/12-3.05(f)(1))

                    1x agg domestic unlawful restraint (720ILCS5/10-3.1(a))

                    1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

                    1x agg bat/make physical contact (720ILCS5/12-3.0(a)(2))

arrest: 21Dec18

arresting officer: Evanston Police

animals: 1 dog - not property of defendant (stabbed in the leg)

history: 23Dec18 no bail, 26Dec, 15Jan19 xferred to felony court, 29Jan, 07Mar, 03Apr, 15May xferred to 26th St, 17May, 12Jun found unfit for trial - mental health treatment needed

note: concurrent cases (19CR0102101) 2x agg battery/use deadly weapon, 2x agg batt/public place, 1x unlawful restraint and (19CR0102201) 1x attempt armed robbery/no fire, 1x attempt/agg/robbery/indicate


**COURT: Lake Cnty Courthouse, RmC403, 18 N County St, Waukegan, 9:00am

SEHTER, Antony (19CM00000643): pre-trial

charges(4): 4x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3) 

offense date: 09Mar19

file date: 12Mar19

arresting officer: Vernon Hills police

animal: 10 dogs

history: 16Mar19 30k D-bond, 01Apr released on bond, 23Apr, 13May, 17Jun

note: concurrent case 19CF00000512 Unauthd Cert Orig/Sale/Title



JULY 24, 2019 (Wednesday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 1:00pm - NOTE TIME

GARCIA-GALVAN, Juan DOB 010677 (18122192101, JB494813): COPA status

charges(1): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)        

arrest: Beat 1034, 27xx S Western Ave 12Dec18

arresting officer: CPD Units 6559A, 6559D

animals: 1 dog - relinquished

history: 12Dec18 $1500 I-bond, 20Dec, 07Jan19, 17Jan, 30Jan, 25Feb, 27Mar, 18Apr, 04Jun, 11Jun, 27Jun

note: 07Jan19 special condition of bond - no contact with companion animals 

**COURT: Branch 35, 727 E. 111th Street, 9:00am

SAUCEDO-TORRES, Edilbero DOB 052380 (19119444701, JC296563): status

charges(2): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3) 

                   1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01) 

arrest: Beat 0715, 58xx S Winchester Ave, 7Jun19

arresting officer: CPD units 0772, 0725

animals: 115 roosters

history: 08Jun19 $1500 I-bond, 02Jul


**COURT: 2600 S California Ave, Rm207 (Judge Byrne), 9:30am

ESTRADA, Sergio DOB 091284 (19CR0186701/18112387501, JB4547692): status

charges(4): 1x Cannabis trafficking>5000g (720ILCS550/5.1(a))

                   2x Mfg/Del Cannabis >5000g (720ILCS550/5(g))

                   1x Felon poss/use firearm prior (720ILCS5/24-1.1(a))

arrest: 68xx 13th Street, 10Dec18

arresting officers: CPD

animal: 3 dogs - returned to defendant

history: 11Dec18, 18Dec, 07Jan19, 09Jan nolle prossed, 13Feb indicted, 20Feb, 15Apr, 17Apr, 03Jun

note: 20Feb $75k EM D-bond set, 15Apr released on bond

note: under 18112387501 charges included 1x poss certain dogs by felon

**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Rd, Rm208 (Judge O’Brien), 10:00am - NOTE TIME

KEARNS, Edward DOB 052064 (19CR0357701/19110315801, JC157232)

charges (1): 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

arrest: Beat 1612, 60xx N Harlem Ave, 18Feb19

arresting officer: CPD

animals: 1 dog - stabbed and killed

history: 18Feb19 $10 EM D-bond, 25Feb, 27Feb, 19Mar xferred to felony court, 03Apr, 30Apr, 20May, 25Jun

note: 18Feb19 special condition bond - no drinking or contact with victim 


JULY 25, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT:  Branch 43 (Judge Kuzas), 3150 W Flournoy, 9:00am

CONLEY, Sabrina DOB 951392 (19118986701, JC311147)

charges(1): 1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)

arrest: Beat 1034, 27XX S Western Ave, 20Jun19

arresting officers: CPD units 6559G, 6559D

animal: 1 dog - became CACC property

history: 20Jun19, 24Jun $1500 I-bond, 11Jul


JULY 26, 2019 (Friday)

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm303 (Judge Raines), 9:30am

CAMPOS, Blanca DOB 120981 (19CR0504201/19110758501, JC185933)

charges: 1x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02a) 

arrest: Beat 0823, 61xx S Richmond Street, 24Mar19

arresting officer: CPD

animal: 1 dog - deceased

history: 25Mar19 $3600 Category B D-bond, 01Apr, 26Apr xferred to felony court, 29May, 25Jun

note: special condition of bond - If there are any domesticated animals in the house, they must be relinquished to animal care and control. Defendant cannot possess any domesticated animals for the duration of these proceedings.

note: 26Apr19 public defender and interpreter appointed

note: under 19110758501 charges were 1x agg cruelty and 1x cruel treatment


JULY 31, 2019 (Wednesday)

**COURT: Branch 38, 727 E. 111th Street, 1:00pm - NOTE TIME

MCKINNIE, Phillip DOB 091669 (19111263701, JC302337)

charges(9): 2x PCS - Possession - Poss amt con sub except (a)(d) 720ILCS570.0/402(c)

                   1x driving on revoked license 625ILCS5.0/6-303(a)

                   1x operate uninsured motor vehicle 625ILCS5.0/3-707(a)

                   1x IVC - not wearing seat belt/driver 625ILCS5.0/12-603.1

                   1x city veh sticker req/failure to or improper display 9-64-125

                   1x obstruction drivers view 9-40-250(b)

                   1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01) 

                   1x poss ammunition - w/o valid FOID 430ILCS65.0/2(a)(2)

arrest: Beat 0732, 69xx S Lowe Ave, 11Jun19

arresting officer: CPD unit 0767C

animals: 3 dogs - became CACC property

history: 12Jun19 released on $2k D-bond, 11Jul

note: 12Jun19 forfeiture petition and E&E order filed but no longer needed

note: 11Jul19 - McKinnie agreed to relinquish the dogs although they had already become property

**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm107, 10:00am - NOTE TIME

RAMOS, Jorge DOB 041268 (19CR0042001/18112348701, JB537445): discovery

charges(1): 1x poss revoked firearm FOID 430ILCS65.0/2(a)(1)

arrest: Beat 2533, 19xx N Cicero Ave, 03Dec18

arresting officer: CPD units 6738H & 6738G

animals: 15 dogs (including 5 newborn puppies), 1 turtle, 4 cats - all relinquished

history: 04Dec18 no bail, 10Dec private attorney, 28Dec xferred to criminal div, 04Jan19, 18Jan, 27Feb, 08Apr, 16May, 27Jun

note 18112348701 included 15x owner duties/1st offense; 04Dec18 special condition of bond - no contact with any animal until case is over

note: 04Dec18 forfeiture petition and E&E order filed but not needed

note: known gang affiliation

note: has concurrent case 18CR1351801 for weapons related charges on same day


*** AUGUST 2019 HEARINGS ***


AUGUST 1, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 9:00am

JACKSON, Belinda DOB 011360 (18122183501, JB538227): community service check-in

charges(1): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)        02May19 guilty plea

arrest: Beat 0825, 64xx S Washtenaw Ave 03Dec18

arresting officer: CPD ACT Units 6559A, 6559A

animals: 1 dog died from resulting medial issues

history: 06Dec18 $1500 I-bond, 03Jan19, 13Feb, 27Mar, 02May

note: 02May19 guilty plea - 2 years probation (may petition court to terminate early to move out of state); No animals except existing parrot; Must provide proof parrot is seen by a veterinarian; Probation includes 12 random unannounced house checks to confirm Jackson has no animals other than parrot; 100 hours community service (50 with adult probation and 50 through independent community service); Fees capped at $10

note: See Lyndon McCoy 18122192801

note: 03Jan19 using private attorney


AUGUST 2, 2019 (Friday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 9:00am

JUAREZ, Birlo DOB 101578 (18122167201, JB520682): status on felony/behavioral clinical exam

charges(6): 3x cruel treatment  (510ILCS70.0/3.01)

                   3x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)

arrest: Beat 2533, 15xx N Cicero Ave, 18Nov18

arresting officer: CPD unit 2534

animals: 3 dogs - relinquished

history: 19Nov18 $1500 I-bond, 17Dec PD appointed, 27Feb, 20Mar, 03Apr, 02May, 03Jun, 10Jul

note: concurrent case (18CR0516101/Juarez Birlo) impersonating peace officer; 08Jul19 in Skokie, Rm208 at 10AM

**COURT: Lake Cnty Courthouse, RmT110, 18 N County St,  Waukegan, 9:00am

ANDERSON, Wesley DOB 100195 (19CF00000377): attorney status

charges(2): 2x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

                   1x reck discharge Firearm/Endanger

offense date: 14Feb19

arrest date: 23Feb19

arresting officer: Fox Lake police

animal: 1 puppy

history: 23Feb19, 26Feb bond set, 27Feb bond posted, 04Mar, 12Mar, 17Apr, 08May, 16May, 12Jun, 02Jul

note: using private attorney



AUGUST 5, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm207(Judge Gillespie), 9:30am

MEMON, Mehwish DOB 101086 (17CR0233002/17200038201, RD 1700281)

charge: 1x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02a) 

arrest: 10Jan17

arresting officer: Skokie PD

animal: 1 dog (shot and killed)

history: 12Jan17, 13Jan, 08Feb17 xferred to crim court, 17Feb, 22Feb, 03Apr, 01May, 12Jun, 31Jul, 06Sep, 10Oct, 15Nov, 13Dec, 26Jan18, 08Mar, 16Apr, 01Jun, 20Jun, 17Jul, 21Sep,  23Oct, 06Dec, 08Jan19, 29Jan, 22Mar, 07Jun, 08Jul, 09Jul

note: concurrent case 17CR0232902 (home invasion/firearm, agg batt/use deadly weapon, aggravated unlawful restraint, unlawful restraint)

note: charges under 17200038201 - 1x agg cruelty and 1x cannabis/ >30-100g/1st offense

note: 12Jan17 conditions of bond: surrender passport, no contact with victim or companion animals; 13Jan17 released on $100k EM D-bond, 08Feb17 no contact with companion animals added as condition; 22Mar19 removed from electronic home monitoring, placed on curfew 10PM-6AM



AUGUST 6, 2019 (Tuesday)

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm204 (Judge Stephenson), 9:30am

NEUDENBACH, Joseph DOB 050484 (19CR0595301/19DV7289101, JC214093)

charges(1): 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

arrest: Beat 1434, 19xx N Milwaukee Ave, 16Apr19

arresting officer: CPD ACT Units 6559D, 6559G

animals: 1 Chihuahua - not property of defendant

history: 17Apr19 $5k EM D-bond, 23Apr, 10May xferred to felony court, 14May, 29May, 26Jun, 10Jul

note: 10May19 charges superseded by indictment


**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm108, 10:00am - NOTE TIME

Adunas, Eder DOB 102789 (19CR0801001/19111129501, JC271221): status

charges: 2x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a)) 

arrest: Beat 2525, 37xx W Lyndale St, 20May19

arresting officer: CPD Units 2515, 2525, 2625

animal: 2 dogs - 28May19 forfeiture petition filed, 17Jun19 E&E order filed

history: 21May19 no bail, 28May $25k EM I-bond, 17Jun xferred to felony court, 24Jun, 01Jul

note: 28May19 special condition of bond - cannot possess any animals during the course of the case or have any contact with the victim/complaining witness

note: concurrent case (19CR0803001) 1x agg battery/government emp 


AUGUST 9, 2019 (Friday)

**COURT: Bridgeview, 10220 S 76th, Rm207, 10:30am - NOTE TIME

BUTLER, CALVIN DOB 040171 (19500354301, RD 19001556)

charges(4): 2x cruel treatment  (510ILCS70.0/3.01)

                   2x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)        

arrest: 5xx Linden Ave, Bellwood, IL

arresting officer: Cook County Sheriff

animals: 2 dogs (1 DOA, 1 relinquished)

history: 12Jun19 $1500 I-bond



AUGUST 12, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT: DuPage Cnty, Rm4003, 505 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, 8:30am

MERCADO, Garrett DOB 100189 (2019CM001468)                

charge: 14x cruel treatment  (510ILCS70.0/3.01)

              14x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)  

arrest: 11Jul19

incident date: 12Jan19

arresting officer: DuPage County Sheriff

animal:  14 dogs

history: 10Jul19



AUGUST 13, 2019 (Tuesday)

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm502 (Judge Wadas), 9:30am

SCOTT, Tracey DOB  090775 (19CR0244901/19110160301, JC126974)

charges(1): 1x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

arrest: Beat 1135, 28xx W Harrison Street, 23Jan19

arresting officers: CPD Unit 1135

animal: 1 puppy - relinquished

history: 23Jan19 $6k D-bond set, 01Feb, 21Feb xferred to felony court, 01Mar PD appointed, 02Apr, 15May, 11Jul

note: concurrent case (17120771001) crim damage to property <$300 next up 13May19


AUGUST 14, 2019 (Wednesday)

**COURT: Branch 35, 727 E 111th St, 9:00am

LOPEZ-GUEVARA, Victor Hugo DOB 031278 (19119404301, JC270689): bench

charges(1): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)        

arrest: Beat 0432, 97xx S Ewing Ave, 21May19

arresting officer: CPD Units 0461C

animals: 2 dogs - 31May19 forfeiture petition and E&E order

history: 28May19 $1500 I-bond, 11Jun, 12Jun


AUGUST 15, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 9:00am

MONTGOMERY, Aaron DOB 100575 (19118690301, JC182983): judgement for bond forfeiture

charges(1): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3) 

arrest: beat 0932, 19xx W Garfield Blvd, 18Mar19

arresting officers: CPD units 6559A, 6559D

animals: 1 dog - relinquished

history: 19Mar19 $10k I-bond, 08May entered in deferred prosecution program, 08Jul, 10Jul not in court - $1000 D-bond warrant

note: 08May19 entered in deferred prosecution program; must complete 16 hours independent community service.

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm307 (Judge Chiampas), 9:30am

ASHFORD, Lebar DOB 020891 (19CR0318701/19110203201, JC137324)

charges(1): 1x PCS - mfg/Del 1<15g herion/analog (720ILCS570/401(c)(1))

arrest: Beat 0735, 19xx W 72nd Street, 02Feb19

arresting officer: CPD units 0706A, 0706B

animals: 1 dog - forfeited 21Feb19

history: 03Feb19 released on $10k D-bond, 19Mar xferred to felony court, 20Mar, 26Apr, 28May, 01Jul

note: 19110203201 charges, which included 1x animal torture, were superseded by indictment.

note: 03Feb19 E&E order and forfeiture petition filed

**COURT: 2600 S California Ave, Rm706 (Judge Obbish), 9:30am (usually 10:30AM)

MASON, Kevin DOB 060793 (16CR6007701/16110333301, HZ129852): status

charges(12): 6x murder/intent to kill/injure 720ILCS5/9-1(a)(1)

                     6x murder/strong prob kill/injure 720ILCS5/9-1(a)(2)

arrest: Beat 5132, 51xx S Wentworth Ave, 23Feb16

arresting officer: CPD Unit 610

person murdered: Robert Howard, Jr. (a Safe Humane VALOR graduate and volunteer)

history: 26Feb16, 15Mar, 23Mar transferred to crim div, 05Apr, 20Apr, 24May, 27Jun, 29Jul, 01Sep, 18Oct, 21Nov, 19Jan17, 22Feb, 23Mar, 04May, 09Jun, 13Jul, 04Aug, 08Sep, 11Oct, 15Nov, 19Dec, 22Jan18, 13Feb, 28Mar, 26Apr, 29May, 02Jul, 13Aug, 12Sep, 22Oct, 28Nov, 10Jan19, 24Jan, 21Feb, 02Apr, 07May, 05Jun, 10Jul

note: 23Mar16 def filed motion to represent himself; 20Apr16 public defender appointed



AUGUST 26, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT:  Branch 43 (Judge Kuzas), 3150 W Flournoy, 9:00am

BAUTISTA, Tiffany DOB 121595 (19110707101, JB219793): discovery

charges(4):  1x cannabis mfg/del 10-30g 720ILCS55.0/5(c)   26Apr19 nolle prossed

                    2x cause child to be endangered 720ILCS5.0/12c(5)(a)(1)

                    1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)

arrest: Beat 0715, 57xx S Paulina Street, 15Mar19

arresting officers: CPD units 6217G, 6217F

animal: 1 dog - became CACC property

history: 16Mar19 released on $1000 D-bond, 26Mar, 26Apr xferred to br43, 26Jun

note: E&E order 16Mar19 filed but no longer needed


AUGUST 30, 2019 (Friday)

**COURT: DuPage Cnty, Rm4010 (Judge Miller), 505 N County Farm Rd, Wheaton, 9:00am

PALERMO, Samantha DOB 112593 (2015CF001172): status                  

charge: 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02)   nolle prossed

arrest: 11Jun15

arresting officer: Elmhurst Police

animal:  1 cat - stabbed to death

history: 11Jun15, 07Jul, 16Jul, 01Sep, 19Oct, 08Dec, 09Feb16, 29Mar, 06Apr, 15Apr, 21Apr, 26May, 16Jun, 07Jul, 30Aug, 17Nov, 22Nov, 12Dec, 07Feb17, 16Mar, 13Apr18, 15May19, 24May, 07Jun, 21Jun, 12Jul

note: 11Jun15 $125k bond set, no companion animals

note: On probation for Domestic Violence case (2014DV001447) from 11Nov14





SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT: Skokie Courthouse, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm103, 1:30pm - NOTE TIME

BENITEZ, Nelson DOB 110349 (19200045901, RD 19010300): SWAP check-in

charges: 1x cruel treatment  (510ILCS70.0/3.01)    19Feb19 guilty plea

arrest: Labagh Woods Forest Preserves of Cook County, 07Jan19

arresting officer: Cook County Forest Preserve Police, Unit 478

animal: 1 dog (dragged alongside a car)

history: 22Jan19 $1500 I-bond, 19Feb

19Feb19 guilty plea - 1 year supervision with regular social service check-ins, 50 hours ICS at an animal shelter and


**COURT: Will Cnty Rm 400, 14 W. Jefferson St, Joliet 9:30am

SLAYTON, Richard  (2015CF001825): termination of conditional discharge

charges(2): 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02) not guilty

                   1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01) charge added 07Sep17 - guilty plea

arrest: 31Aug15

arresting officers: Wilmington police

animal: 1 dog

history: 31Aug15 $75k D-Bond set, 02Sep FOID Card surrendered, 21Sep, 19Oct, 03Dec, 14Jan16, 01Mar, 11Apr, 14Jun, 14Jul, 18Aug, 15Sep, 18Oct, 06Dec, 10Jan17, 27Feb, 30Mar, 08May, 30May, 15Aug, 07Sep, 01Nov


note: Guilty of 1x cruel treatment. Given 100 hours community service, 24 months conditional discharge with special conditions and alcoholism treatment


SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT: Branch 23, 5555 W Grand Ave, 9:00am

BROWN, Kenetsha DOB 030792 (19119897401, JC211696): check-in

charges(2): 1x cruel treatment (510ILCS70.0/3.01)         08May19 guilty plea

arrest: Beat 0332, 17xx East 67th Street, 04Apr19

arresting officer: CPD units 6559A, 6559D

animals: 1 Shih-Tzu - relinquished

history: 04Apr19 $1500 D-bond, 08May guilty plea

note: 08May19 guilty plea - 12 months supervision that includes 2 random visits from social services to ensure she has no pets; must report any change of address to social services.





OCTOBER 17, 2019 (Thursday)

**COURT: Branch 46, 555 W Harrison Ave, Rm303 9:00am

MCCOY, Lyndon DOB 091886 (18122192801, JB538227)

charges(1): 1x owner duties/1st offense (510ILCS70.0/3)        

arrest: Beat 3100, 94xx S Pulaski Rd 13Dec18

arresting officer: CPD Units 6559A, 6559D

animals: 1 dog (not property of defendant) died from subsequent medical issues

history: 13Dec18, 20Dec $1500 I-bond, 07Jan19, 15Feb, 14Mar, 14May xferred to Br46, 11Jun, 12Jul

note: see Belinda Jackson 18122183501





NOVEMBER 18, 2019 (Monday)

**COURT: Will Cnty, 14 W. Jefferson St, Rm 400, Joliet 9:30am

KAZUKAUSKAS, Charles  (17CF001123): setting for trial

charge: 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02)

arrest: 02Jun17

arresting officers: Will County Sheriff officers

animal: 1 dog (deceased)

history: 02Jun17, 03Jun17 released on $75k D-bond, 05Jun, 12Jun, 16Jun, 21Jun, 27Jun, 21Aug, 28Sep, 02Nov, 06Dec, 19Jan18, 01Mar, 19Apr, 24May, 02Aug, 06Sep, 18Oct, 11Dec,  30Jan19, 31Jan, 06Feb, 07Mar, 07May, 13Jun, 14Jun






from MARCH 19, 2012 (Monday)  warrant outstanding

**COURT: Rolling Meadows Rm110, 9:30am

HERNANDEZ-ANGEL, Antonio (12CR0251501, RD 12-00274)

charge: 1x agg cruelty (510ILCS70.0/3.02)

arrest: 19xx N Green, Palatine, 05Jan12/06Jan12

arresting officer: Palatine police

animal: 1 kitten thrown to ground and subsequently euthanized

history: RM 110 Jan12, 15Feb not in court, 19Mar no show BFW 

media: see


from JANUARY 16, 2015 (Friday) warrant outstanding

**COURT: Skokie, 5600 Old Orchard Road, Rm103, 9:00am

LEE, Hojin DOB 110876 (14200087101, RD 201404730) 

charge: 1x owner duties (510ILCS70.0/3)

arrest: Niles, 15Mar14 (incident discovered: 90xx Terrace Dr, Park Ridge, 22Feb14)

arresting officer: Niles Police

animal: 1 dog “Brunobo” severely malnourished and abandoned, now adopted

history: bond court, 18Apr14, 21May, 02Oct, 11Dec, 16Jan15

notes: 21May14, 80 hrs community service, 11Dec def not in court - BFW



NOVEMBER 30, 2018 (Friday) warrant outstanding

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm203 (Judge Ford), 9:30am  (usually later)

McGUIRE, Derrick DOB 081865 (18CR0592901/18110793901, JB205536)

charges(5): 1x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Heroin (720ILCS570/401(c)(1))

                   2x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Coca (720ILCS570/401(c)(2))

                   1x other amt narcotic scheduled I&II (720ILCS570/401(c)(1))

arrest: Beat 0511, 101xx S Indiana Ave, 30Mar18

arresting officer: CPD Units 6221D, 6221F

animals: 2 dogs - relinquished to CACC but later returned

history: 31Mar18 released on $1k D-bond, 27Apr xferred to criminal div, 09May public defender appointed, 06Jun, 16Jul, 20Aug, 07Sep, 02Oct, 29Oct not in court - no bail warrant issued, 30Nov

note: 18110793901  included 1x poss certain dogs by felon

note: arrested with Desmond Jefferson 18110794501


from JANUARY 25, 2019 (Friday) warrant outstanding

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm101(Judge Martin), 9:00am

POLK, Markina DOB 111683 (19CR0070901/18112450901, JB567006)

charges(1): 1x agg cruelty  (510ILCS70.0/3.02(a))

arrest: beat 0523, 120xx S Normal Ave, 28Dec18

arresting officers: CPD Units 6559G, 6559A

animals: 3 dogs (1 died from health related issues, 1 relinquished, 1 not property of defendant)

history: 29Dec18 $20k I-bond, 04Jan19, 11Jan, 25Jan no bail warrant

note: 1 dog confiscated 25Dec18 with multiple health issues resulting in the dog’s death during surgery; 28Dec28 2 dogs confiscated.

note: special condition of bond - curfew between 7PM – 7AM except for work/school and is to have no contact with animals; 25Jan19 not in court - no bail warrant issued

note: 18112450901 included 2x owner duties 1st offense in addition to 1x agg cruelty.


from FEBRUARY 14, 2019 (Thursday) warrant outstanding

**COURT: 2600 S California, Rm700 (Judge Linn), 9:30am  (usually later)

JEFFERSON, Desmond DOB 042773 (18CR0592902/18110794501, JB205536)

charges(2): 1x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Coca (720ILCS570/401(c)(2))     19Dec18 guilty plea to amended charge

                   1x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Heroin (720ILCS570/401(c)(1))   14Feb19 sentenced in absentia

arrest: Beat 0511, 101xx S Indiana Ave, 30Mar18

arresting officer: CPD Units 6221D, 6221C

animals: 2 dogs - relinquished to CACC but later returned

history: 31Mar18, 01Apr released on $4k D-bond, 27Apr xferred to criminal div, 09May, 23May PD appointed, 10Jul, 27Aug PD withdrew as attorney, 02Oct, 29Oct, 19Dec, 10Jan19 warrant issued, 07Feb def not in court, 14Feb not in court

note: 19Dec18 - 1x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Coca (720ILCS570/401(c)(2)) amended a lesser charge, 14Feb19 sentenced in absentia to 6 years in ILDOC for 1x PCS Mfg/Del 1<15g Heroin

note: 18110794501 included 1x poss certain dogs by felon

note: dogs were relinquished but later returned to defendant (female returned 25Apr18 after spay, male returned 12May18 after neuter)

note: arrested with Derrick McGuire 18110793901








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