Volunteer FAQ


Q. What is the minimum age to volunteer?

A. It depends on the program you would like to volunteer for. We have volunteers as young as 7 years of age and volunteers as old as 85. We welcome participation at any age. Contact us for more information on how you might be able to help with specific programs or sign up today by using the Become a Volunteer page.

Q. Do I need previous volunteer experience?

A. No. We welcome all volunteers and will train you for the particular opportunity that interests you.

Q. Are there weekend and evening volunteer opportunities?

A. Yes. Our programs run during the day, evening and weekends. We will happy to accommodate your availability.

Q. How many hours do I need to volunteer a month?

A. There is no minimum. We appreciate any amount of time you can give us.

Q. Do I have to live in Chicago to volunteer?

A. No. We welcome support from everywhere.

Q. What are the requirements to volunteer?

A. Safe Humane Chicago volunteers are subject to the requirements of each of our partner institutions and facilities.  Chicago Animal Care and Control, where our Court Case Dogs are, requires an application and fingerprinting at City Hall for any volunteer other than current City of Chicago employees.  The Illinois Youth Center, where our main Lifetime Bonds program is, requires a State of Illinois volunteer application, fingerprinting done by them, drug testing, tuberculosis testing and a separate orientation all done at the Youth Center.  Chicago Public Schools, where our Youth Leaders are, and our Collaborative Justice program partners, such as those affiliated with our DAWG Court Advocacy program, require that we vouch for our volunteers' background check.  Safe Humane Chicago may also need to require a background check for volunteers in other programs.  Email getconnected@safehumane.org if you have questions. 

Q. How do I volunteer? How can I get started?

A. Visit the Become a Volunteer page and fill out the application.