Safe Humane Chicago's Coffee Table Book,
A Ruff Road Home: The Court Case Dogs of Chicago,
is a gold winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award

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This award-winning book recounts the stories of dogs once caught in Chicago's court system after being confiscated from neglect or abuse, and their journey from the city shelter into loving and supportive homes.  It also tells the stories of the heroes, rescue organizations, and volunteers that helped the dogs get a second chance at a great life, thanks to the first-in-the-nation Court Case Dog Program of Safe Humane Chicago.  Purposefully written and beautifully photographed, A Ruff Road Home will tug at your heartstrings and instill a necessary sense of hope. Written by Susan Russell, photographed by Josh Feeney, designed by Christian Henry, edited by Susan Palmer Marshall, and with a foreword by Cook County Circuit Court Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., A Ruff Road Home is a combined, pro-bono effort to raise awareness of and funds for Safe Humane's important work with veterans, at-risk youth, and dogs who have "done the time but not the crime."

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This full-color, hardcover, 112-page coffee-table book with beautiful dust cover (front shown here) is available for pick up or shipping. Shipping costs are relatively high because it is 10"x14"x1/2" and weighs almost 3 pounds.  If you can pick yours up in the Chicago area or near suburbs, or if you want to buy additional copies, email