Protect the Paws outside

What to do with Lost or Stray Animals

Any animals found in Chicago should be reported to the City of Chicago Animal Care and Control at (312) 744-5000.

Animal Care and Control will be able to assist you with the situation and help reunite the animal with its owner or otherwise find a good available space for it.

PAWS Chicago has good recommendations on how to handle Stray or Lost Pets.

They also recommend visiting the Humane Society for additional information on "What to Do If You Find a Stray Pet".

Report Animal Abuse, Cruelty or Neglect

If you observe or suspect dog fighting is occurring - Call 911 immediately.

If you suspect animal abuse or neglect - Call 311.

Animal Shelters and Adoptable Animals

For a list of local animal shelters, visit Adopt a Pet

For an comprehensive list of all available animals in Chicago, the suburbs and beyond, go to Petfinder