Zeb is friendly right out of the gate. He was eager to meet us and is just a happy boy all around and cute too! He was fine with handling, a tad squirmy with handling from overstimulation of petting his back end. Loves a good game of tug! It looks like Zeb has old scars, and some new, all over his face and on his chest, forelegs and variously on his body. Zeb has been off leash with another dog and did pretty well learning not all dogs are jerks and it's okay to make friends. He's getting there!! He now needs rescue! Zeb is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog which means he was confiscated by the police who charged his owner with animal cruelty and that he comes with a lifetime of free behavior support through Safe Humane. For more info on rescuing or fostering this little bunny please email courtcasedogs@safehumane.org.

Zebhas been adopted thanks to Unbreakabull Bullies.  http://www.unbreakabullbullies.com