Hi! I’m Willow, the 500th dog to join the Court Case Dog Program. I came to CACC in late March with my 7 young puppies and their dad, Court Case Dog #501, Milan, after being rescued by Chicago Police from deplorable conditions: after officers heard us screaming and crying, they finally gained access to find us emaciated and living in filth with feces and urine everywhere. Soon after we came to CACC and when we were able to go to rescue, tragedy hit. They found out my puppies had parvo!! Only four made it out, but I was heartbroken to hear all of my babies who left died. I felt so alone. I had to wait two weeks before Safe Humane could take me out just in case I had parvo, too -- but I didn't. Yay!!  Now I get to spend time outside of my cage with people who give me treats and play with me. And I’m happy to report that I have a special advocate: Jamie Buehrle, long-time supporter of us Court Case Dogs with her husband Mark Buehrle – she gave me my name! They say I’m pretty smart, and I sure do love attention.

Willow is now in a foster home and is available for adoption through CPR Fund Rescue (IN & IL).