Truckin' has not had a good past. He has scars on his head, face, neck and legs. He has probably spent a lot of time in a cage because he doesn't seem to know what to do with himself when he's out of his cage. He is friendly, tail wags and wanted to be around us humans as much as possible when we met him. He was fine with handling all over, checking teeth, ears, etc. He had no idea how to take treats from a hand, so he probably never had anyone give him treats before. He would take them only off the floor so far. He did enjoy a little time playing with a toy though and enjoyed a bone. He really needs to breath, decompress and learn how it feels to be a companion. We have not had a chance to dog test him yet. He NEEDS RESCUE with an awesome compassionate and patient foster home. He is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog evaluated by a certified trainer and behaviorist and comes with a lifetime of free training support if needed to help him be the very best canine he can.


Truckin has been adopted thanks to the Knox County Humane Society.