Please meet our long-legged girl Symphony! Symphony came in with Chelsea, Sherman, and Fit-bit, all living in deplorable conditions (feces filled crates and home, no food or water) only discovered because police were responding to a domestic violence call. Symphony got her name because she's a vocal girl who is learning there is a time and place for barking, but there are also many other wonderful things you can learn to do. Here she is learning hand targeting. It's one of the basic skills we teach all our dogs for many reasons including creating a positive association when engaging with humans and hands since many of our dogs don't have very good experiences with humans or their hands. Symphony is doing such a wonderful job learning and our volunteer Peggy is a fabulous teacher! We love seeing Symphony blossom, play with other dogs and gain confidence. Next step...a forever home!


Symphony has been adopted thanks to Unbreakable Bullies