Sundance is not just a pretty face. She is smart, funny and loves playing with other dogs. She is just like any dog you would meet with her owner in tow, maybe living with a family, having a backyard of her own. But she isn't. She was found abandoned. To fend for herself in this big strange world. It is illegal to abandon a dog and the police officer who found her filed a cruelty report for abandonment hoping an owner would come forward to claim her so they could be arrested. Or maybe there was a chance she was stolen and her original owner would come for her now that she is at the shelter and can be found. No one came. So now it's her chance. Her chance at all that wonderful stuff we know she deserves. A home filled with love. Maybe children to run around a yard with. Maybe another dog to play with. A person to snuggle with at the end of the day before she falls asleep knowing she's safe and loved and all is right with the world. 

SUndance ihas bee adopted thanks to Peace for Pits.