Sgt. Pepper

Time to introduce super cute Sgt. Pepper!! Sgt. Pepper is a little shy at first, but he's working on building his confidence while he's with us. Most of our dogs come to us having no clue what a toy is but Sgt. Pepper LOVES toys and likes to carry them around with him. We think it makes him extra cute! And guess what else he loves? DOGS! Sgt. Pepper is a bit more enthusiastic than some of our other dogs in playgroup, but boy would he love a foster or adoptive home with a canine companion. He came into Chicago ACC in July with a handful of other dogs when they were found living in outside enclosures in the home of a felon who is not allowed to have unsterilized/unmicrochipped dogs. Sgt Pepper is looking for a loving foster home so if you're interested in this cutie patootie let us know!!