Piglet was confiscated from her owner for cruelty when she was just a 3 month old baby, but he fought to get her back and she has spent such critical development time primarily locked in her cage. She is FINALLY property and can go to rescue. She is friendly with people, other dogs and even was fine with the cat she met. She is frenetic and mouthy and needs a savvy foster to help her catch up on her much needed training. She still, somehow, was able to learn sit, down and down stay the day or two a week we were allowed to work with her. Please, please come meet this diamond in the ruff. She is going to be amazing and just needs someone on her side to teach her how to be the amazing dog we know she is. Rabies vaccine is done and free, as is, FREE training and behavior support through Safe Humane Chicago.
To find out more about Piglet, email courtcasedogs@safehumane.org