Nino did so great in his Manners Class yesterday that I thought it would be a great time to introduce him!! He is super cute, has floppy ears, loves toys, is about 2 years old and has so far been off leash with a male dog and after some time did quite well! The reason Nino was a little skeptical of the other dog at first was because he had a pretty bad experience with another dog. When he was tied up outside in his owner's backyard another dog ran into his yard and attacked him. The police were called and when they arrived they discovered a second dog tied up in the yard who was dead, so they confiscated Nino for neglect. He was kept outside all the time and was quite underweight. He was beaten up so bad from the attack he came in bloody and CACC's medical staff had to staple and stitch him back up. His healing is coming along wonderfully and he is gaining some much needed weight and well, honestly, he's looking pretty fabulous! This happy boy is looking for a rescue to take him under their wing and find him a loving home. 

Nino is available for adoption through CARE animal shelter in Skokie, IL