Nicholas is truly a diamond in the ruff and exactly what our Court Case Dog Program is all about. Nicholas was attacked by another dog. From the looks of his scars it was not a one time event. We learned about him because his owner was charged with owners duties for lack of a rabies tag and city license. Nicholas is frightened of people. This picture is one of him in class where he is "pancaked" to the floor in fear. His tail is wrapped. He will randomly jump up to move away from his handlers. Sometimes he will grow courageous and move towards us. He rarely takes treats. BUT, when he gets to meet another dog his tail starts wagging and he will stand up and greet them eagerly. It took about a week to get him to walk without following another dog. He plays in off leash playgroup where the other dogs are helping him build his confidence and where he will sometimes feel comfortable enough to approach us humans. 

Nicholas will be available for adoption through Underdog Rescue.