We've been working with Narnia for a few weeks now and love that she is more wiggly everytime we see her. Her life hasn't been easy. She's already about 6 years old, which is the perfect age of course, nice and mellow, but sadly that means she's spent quite some time in a not so great situation. When the police entered the home she was found in they first noticed there were flies and cockroaches everywhere. The floor was covered in feces and urine. Rats roamed freely. There were puppies inside cages with no bottoms who were lying in their own feces and urine. Narnia was tied with a heavy tow chain to a fence and had a padlock around her neck. Her body was covered wth fly bites and she was clearly the mom to the puppies. Dig-it, who you've already met, had bite marks on his head and torso and was tied with a tow chain and padlock to a vehicle inside the garage. In addition, the owner was a felon who was not allowed to have unsterilized/unmicrochipped dogs. Narnia is slowly getting used to being off leash with other dogs and even started making a canine friend. She was just as unsure about us at first, but she is starting to learn that most humans are actually kind and many carry yummy treats with them. Her days living on the end of a chain are finally over. We're excited for what her future holds. Hopefully, a comfy bed, good food, fresh water, a clean house and lots and lots of love.  
Narnia  has been adopted thanks to  Unbreakable Bullies:

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