And then there is Monroe. She looks almost identical to Marilyn and is just as beautiful, thus the names Marilyn and Monroe. She is the oldest of the group at around 5 years old. We've gotten to know her over the 6 months we've been working with her. 

Monroe settles in fairly quickly after she gets a chance to run around outside the cage she now calls home. She tunes in, will do anything for a treat and looks deep into your eyes from a soul that knows more about neglect than she should. She is very interested in befriending other dogs, but worries when they make too much contact and will let them know to back off, so we are working with her to find the right playmate. She loves to sprawl out like a frog when practicing her down/stay. She deserves to know what life is like in a loving home. She has been a victim too long and needs a foster/rescue now.

Monroe was adopted through Unbreakabull Bullies.