Minnie Mouse

Please welcome short stuff, Minnie Mouse, to the Court Case Dog Program!! She is eager to meet you! We met Minnie Mouse a couple months ago, when police found her, and 5 other dogs (Commander, Kermit, Lamb Chop, Mojo and Music Man), on a back porch with no water, when temperatures were reaching 110 degrees. We had a court order to exercise her while her "owner" fought to get her back, but just recently it was decided she will not go back to him!!! She is a free woman looking for a forever home now. She is a little nervous at first, but we have worked on building her confidence and she is coming along so well! She can be a little intense meeting other dogs, but surprised herself with a cute little hop play move which was adorable, so will just need a little time to integrate with other dogs slowly. She is not only a pretty face with gorgeous ears, she's a sweetheart too.  

Minnie Mouse has been adopted thanks to Unbreakabull Bullies