Meatloaf is a beefcake!!! What a hunk!! He is friendly as soon as you see him in his cage. He got a bit jumpy when he was first leashed up, but we worked around that and he came out of his cage just fine and was just chill after that. He was fine with handling all over, picking up feet, checking ears, teeth, etc. He loved playing tug and we even think he might have a release cue. He also met a female and after some sniffing threw out a couple play moves! Meatloaf was confiscated with multiple dogs when their owner was arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty and dog fighting. He is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog, evaluated by a certified trainer/behaviorist who comes with a lifetime of FREE behavior support if needed. Meatloaf was adopted thanks to Unbreakable Bullies.