Please welcome our resident senior Court Case girl Marlene. We think Marlene is about 7-8 years old and would love to find a foster or adopter with a soft fluffy bed for her to rest her arthritic bones. She is very sweet with everyone she meets and loves treats!! Marlene made her way to Chicago ACC in May with 3 other dogs when their "owner" was arrested for drugs, guns and because he was a felon he was not allowed to have unsterilized/unchipped dogs. Marlene wasn't in the best of shape, but a little food and brushing out her coat has done wonders. She just needs a rescue now so she can get a full senior check up and get on some good arthritis meds. She deserves to be a loved companion finally in her senior years. If you live in the Chicagoland area and can foster this girl or are interested in adopting her please message us!! We will connect you with a rescue to work with. We love Marlene and know she will make someone one lucky adopter!!

Update: Our lovely senior Marlene is already enjoying the peace and quiet of her foster home thanks to CPR Fund, but she's still looking for her forever. To find out more about adopting Marlene please visit