When we met Magic, we were horrified by the condition of his ears and learning they were full of blood and puss when he came into Chicago ACC. That severe swelling looks like what is known as aural hematoma or cauliflower ear which is typically caused by chronic ear infections or allergies. Magic is only about 2 years old. He has probably spent most of his life in some type of pain or discomfort from this continued problem. That doesn't even include the disgusting conditions he lived in and what caused the police to confiscate Magic and arrest his owner. Despite his past and the pain he is in Magic is a big, smooshy, wiggley love who acts like a puppy, always excited to see his friends. We are so glad to know him because that means his past is over and he will be able to now go to a loving rescue who will take care of him and find him a loving home. Please welcome Magic to the Court Case Dog Program with open arms. We love him already.  

MAgic has been adopted thatnks to All Breed Rescue Angels.