When you meet Java, you’d never guess her history. Java is outgoing, exuberant and loves meeting new people. Amazingly she trusts us when she has no reason to trust anyone because Java was raped. She was raped many times by her “owner” before someone finally contacted the police. Her offender is charged with sexual conduct with an animal and aggravated cruelty. Pictures were taken, a full exam and a rape kit. She was understandably sensitive to her back side being touched when she first came in, but she has learned she is safe with us now and is much more comfortable. Her offender is in jail as he awaits trial. Our court advocates are standing up for Java at every court date. Rape and sexual assault hit home for so many; and for some who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder from having been raped, it sends them through flash backs of their own horrific experience. We can’t even wrap our heads around the helplessness and pain Java endured. Despite that, like a child, she trusts willingly, easily and eagerly even when we know deep down inside she will forever be changed from her years of abuse. Java is amazingly strong and loving. She is truly a survivor.