Habenero is friendly from the start. All tail wags, affectionate and loves belly rubs! He takes treats gently and loves a good game of tug! He does jump up to try to get the tug back, so he would benefit from some tug manners. So far everyone he's met loves him!! 

He's not just cute and smart; he is also goofy, loves a good massage, playing with toys and a good belly rub! We're going to miss his him, but we're so glad he is laying on a warm bed in a loving foster home and one step closer to finding a home of his very own. Go Habenero!!!

Habenero is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog who was evaluated by a certified trainer/behaviorist who comes with a lifetime of behavior support if needed.

Habanero has been adopted thanks to Dogs are Deserving Rescue.