It's been four months since Gus stepped foot into his cage at CACC. His owner was arrested for beating him over the head with a metal pole. Gus was confiscated and held as evidence. His pictures were taken, medical and police reports were written. It's so hard to understand why anyone would be so abusive to an innocent animal and then fight to get the dog back to continue the abuse. But his owner fought. For four long months. Thankfully, the courts ruled in favor of Gus!!!! He is a free agent now, full of energy and tail wags for everyone he meets. Here he is taking a quick pool break after an off-leash play session with his doggie friends. Gus is about 1.5 years old and already neutered. He has a great sit, down and is learning to walk nicely on leash. And he's ready for rescue!!!!

Gus is currently in training at I Speak Dog and will be available for adoption soon.