Frolic is a short, somewhat fuzzy, adorable 1-year-old. He is all sweetness and of course, we love him already! He was found locked in a room full of feces and urine, two other dogs living on chains in the yard. He hasn't had it easy, so we're lucky to know him and show him that's not how life is supposed to be! Life should be full of love, companionship, playtime, and a feeling of safety. No more life locked away for you Frolic! We're going to find a loving foster home and rescue for you so you can start to feel what it's like to have someone have your back. For now, we've got your back Frolic and will do everything we can to make sure you're happily ever after is coming soon. 

Update: Frolic is available for adoption through Foster Pet Outreach.


Frolic and Josh:


Play pair with female dog:

Frolic class time: Frolic: