Our little miss Foxtrot is just a gem. She came into Chicago ACC in July with our boy Sgt. Pepper. We're not sure if they are related, but you can tell they both have the same cute habit of enjoying walking around with a toy in their mouth. Foxtrot was far more worried about the big world and us humans than her yard mate though. We've had to carry her quite a bit because she's too afraid to walk on her own completely, but she's getting there because our awesome volunteers are helping her build her confidence with every interaction she has with them. She's slowly starting to realize us humans are good stuff, if she goes outside she can run around and play with her tennis ball and even play with other dogs! Foxtrot is going to get there. We know it. You can do it honey!!


Foxtrot (now renamed Fiona) has been adopted thanks to Guardians of the Green Mile.