Our sweet boy, Flannigan, has come such an amazingly long way.  This is the first picture we received indicating another dog had come in from a cruelty case. He was so timid he didn't want to come out of the cage.  He may have been chained his entire life without experiencing anything or anyone except what he could see living on that chain. He was not comfortable with us but tolerated our handling him. He was afraid of the toy with a squeaker in it. He flinched at every sudden sound or movement. He had no idea what to do with the bone we gave him. He was afraid, confused, and unsure.

Now he has discovered that some humans are actually nice and let him run around outside with other dogs and play with toys.  He even let's us touch his neck and give him pets.  And sometimes he comes right up and gives us kisses.  We know he will do great with a patient human who will let him be himself and with a dog who can show him how to be a dog.

Flanigan has been adopted thanks to Players for Pits.

Playgroup: https://youtu.be/FANaJg8oRqo
Playgroup: https://youtu.be/gizoao5zAww
1st time out: https://youtu.be/hitdL5UiuaE
2nd time out: https://youtu.be/jGMzwdzq-KY
Getting so comfy: https://youtu.be/aWdV-eqTgKw
Playtime!!! https://youtu.be/qKFXbPd6Ktw
 — with Deana Hendricks Bond.

Flann with toy