Hi, everyone - I'm Elliot!! I'm only about 7 months old, but I learn really quick! I already have a solid sit and eye contact and down. And I love playing with all the boy and girl dogs off leash. It's my favorite. The police brought me here when they found me tied up in an abandoned lot with no food or water and I was really, really skinny. When my owner came out and asked where I was going, the police arrested her. They told me I should be in a home with lots of food and water and love which is what I'm hoping for now. I didn't even know that was possible!!! Everyone has been really nice to me here, but I really, really wish for the home they mentioned so, I'm looking for a rescue now. They even gave me a rabies vaccine and neutered me saying it would help me find rescue. Do you have room? I promise not to take up too much space.

I'm now available for adoption with Bow Wow Revolution!!! If you're interested in adopting me please email my friends at bowwowrevolution@gmail.com.