Omg, Chowderhead!!! Thanks goodness Chowderhead has a lot of upper body strength to carry his big smooshy head around  ;) He is amazing and was so sweet wanting comfort and snuggles as soon as we met him. It's hard to not just kiss him all over and hug him to pieces!! Chowderhead's past wasn't good, he has wounds on his hip, butt and tail and although was respectful meeting another dog he is worried around other dogs right now. We'll be working on his comfort level with other dogs and helping him realize dogs can be awesome, fun and friends. Wish us luck!!  For more info email

Update: Thank you to everyone who shared and brought good juju to our boy Chowderhead because today he hit the road, thanks to It's a Pittie Rescue!!!! He has already made friends in his foster home -- and guess what he's already charming his humans into? Snuggles!!! We will miss his big beautiful head with that gorgeous smile and amazing eyes running up to us, plopping down and begging to be adored, cuddled and kissed. We are already jealous of his foster family and whoever adopts him. Chowderhead has never met a stranger. Just friends he hasn't met yet. So much love goes with you Chowderhead!!! Now go get your snuggle on baby!

Chowderhead, now aka Rex, has been adopted.