Cheerio here!! Well, I do look a little different than most of my Court Case Dog pals, but aren't we all different and wonderful in our own unique ways? I met a couple right up close and they were nice to me and I was happy to say hi!! I haven't had a really great life, so I'm a bit unsure and confused, but I was told it's going to be okay now and that a nice home is out there for me and my new hooman friends will help me find that home. Maybe you'll be that home? I hope to find it soon!! Until then these nice hoomans are taking good care of me. I get yummy treats, walks and feel a bit more optimistic now. They said I was part of a very special club so I guess that makes me special too. I've never been special. It feels really good. Hope to meet you soon!! Woof! - Cheerio 

Cheerio has been adopted thanks to  Chicago Canine Rescue.