Candy is an absolute dream!! She is a perfectly mellow age of about 4-5 years old, is an absolute sweetheart, affectionate, enjoys playing, running around, doing a little training and just hanging out with you. We love her dearly and give her a warm welcome to the Court Case Dog Program!! Candy came to CACC in May with four other dogs (Squiggs, Clip, Niblet and Blanche) when the police arrested their "owner" for the deplorable conditions they were living. For seven months their case was trapped in the court system, but luckily the courts finally decided they will not be going back which means Candy can go to rescue!! Candy has a huge hernia and entropian which means her eye lashes are turning inwards and constantly scratching her eye causing her constant eye infections. We'd love to make her a priority in getting out to rescue so she can get the medical care she needs and because she deserves to finally life the life of a loved companion.

Candy has been adopted thanks to It's a Pittie Rescue