Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash is easy to fall in love with. She will gently crawl into your lap and give you kisses letting you know she is your friend. It's a role she is now excelling at in her adopted home with her two moms Nikki and Lauren thanks to Chi-Town Pitties, Inc.!! They recently had a visit from one of our trainers to ensure Butternut is set up for success in her new life. We love proactive training visits and so does Chi-Town Pitties, Inc which is one of the many reasons our partnership is so strong! The trainer was pretty impressed with little miss Butternut and her amazing adoptive moms. Butternut is AMAZING with the kids.  Wonderful partnerships, adopters, training. It's everything we love about helping our deserving Court Case Dogs like Butternut Squash. She is truly in her element using all the gifts she was given and meant to share with others and is a wonderful representative for rescue dogs everywhere. Go Butternut!!