Butternut Squash

Please welcome little Butternut Squash to our Court Case Dog crew!!! Butternut Squash came in with our boy Pistachio who introduced himself to you a few days ago. She is tiny too and only weighs 29 pounds!! She looks the worst out of all her housemates  She has demodex or mange which means there are little mites on her skin that are causing lesions and hair loss. These mites get out of control when a dog is under extreme stress from the environment or lack of nutrition or both which would be the case for Butternut Squash. She was found crammed into a tiny cage in disgusting conditions. In addition to that, her "owner" tried treating her fleas with oil that burned her skin. She has hair loss, lesions and scabs throughout her tiny little body. Demodex/mange is not contagious to other animals or people so Butternut Squash could go into a home with other pets without worry. In the few weeks that she has been with us, we have come to know her as the complete sweeheart that she is.
Butternut Squash has been adopted thanks to Chi-town Pitties.