Butterfly is small, maybe 30 pounds or so and about a year old. When we first met her, she was afraid of everything, unsure what to go sniff or if she should even venture a few inches out at all. Her tail was tucked under her. Her back was to her handler or the wall so she could keep an eye out. Butterfly's owner left her to starve with two other dogs. What makes this even more heartwrenching is that one of the dogs starved to death before the police were alerted. I can't even imagine the fear, the confusion, the panic being left to slowly die. Such a dark place for such a young girl. Butterfly may not have ever known kindness, but 20 or so minutes after meeting us she reached out, sniffed us and gave us little kisses. We named her Butterfly out of hope.
She is still quite nervous, but she has learned to trust many of us, so being in a foster is such an exciting next step. Learning to be a dog in a home where she is loved, where food is always coming, where humans are gentle and kind and no one leaves you to fend for yourself. We know Butterfly will win hundreds of more hearts in her lifetime. She certainly has won ours. We love you Butterfly!!! Now it's time to spread your wings and fly honey!!
Butterfly has been adopted thanks to Castaway Pet Rescue