Hi, I'm Buddha!! I just started meeting all the cool Safe Humane Chicago volunteers and really like everyone!! It doesn't hurt that they usually have yummy treats for me. I am so glad the police found me and rescued me. My owner wasn't feeding me, and I was hungry all the time. I was also dirty all the time, and no one ever really touched me or cared much about me. I live in a very quiet world because I can't hear anything -- but that's okay because the volunteers use hand signals and always smile at me and make me feel very loved. I just wanted to make sure I introduced myself so you know me and know how much love I still have to give. Oh, I like belly rubs too!! Okay, I think class will be starting soon and that means treats, so I gotta go!!!

Buddha has been adopted thanks to Anthony and Friends EPIC Rescue! For more info please visit http://www.epicanimalrescue.com/anthony.html.