Buckaroo's story is pretty hard to hear. We heard we were to evaluate them soon after police responded to a complaint of dog fighting and people coming in and out of the basement of a home. In the basement police found a makeshift dog fighting ring with large amounts of blood on the floor and smeared blood coming up the sides of the ring. Everyone in the home was arrested and charged with dog fighting or attending a dog fight, both of which are felony charges in the state of Illinois.

Buckaroo is a wonderful boy who has met numerous volunteers and continues to impress them with his large, low-riding size and big bowling ball shaped head. Although he was a bit reserved at first he is warming up nicely. He enjoyed meeting female dogs, wasn't interested in pursing a friendship with the male dogs just yet, but is fine working in classes within a few feet of them. 

We hope you can see past where they came from and see them for who they are. They are the victims of dog fighting who had no choice. And we're okay with that because even though we know their past we don't let it prevent us from seeing the dog in front of us. It is mere baggage for them, just like our own. They are dogs who have their own individual personalities and that's what we're most interested in knowing....who they really are after you strip away what they've been through.