Bubbles is adorable with amazing ears!!! Poor honey came into CACC with a wound on her cheek that was deep enough to need a drain. She's doing better now and was quite friendly in her cage and out! She can be pretty stressed in the pavilion barking at the other dogs, jumping up to get out but she once she has a few minutes to collect herself outside she is just fine. She even met a male dog and did really well. She was cautious, but interested and friendly. She took treats gently, was fine with us taking a bone away from her, may have a release cue with toys/tug and fine with handling all over, teeth check, hug, etc. Bubbles came into CACC with multiple other dogs when their owner was arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. She is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog, evaluated by a certified trainer/behaviorist who comes with a lifetime of FREE behavior support if needed. For more info about this beautiful girl please email courtcasedogs@safehumane.org

Hooray!! Bubbles got her freedom ride to a loving foster home just in time for Christmas.  She is available for adotpion through Brew City Bully Clup http://www.brewcitybullies.org