Please meet our newest Court Case Dog, Bubba!!! what a sweetie!  Bubba was a very loved companion in a family with two other dogs. Sadly, there was a gang incident that involved shooting Bubba with some type of a pellet gun. He has over 70 pellets in his body, mostly in his head and, as you can see, a few around his eye. Bubba is guilty of being so loved and so friendly that he made a very easy target and one that hit home with his family. He received medical care at Chicago ACC, had a handful of the pellets removed, but has stopped eating. His prognosis is gaurded, so we're hopeful, but pretty worried about him. He is now at the vet. Please send lots of good energy, thoughts, prayers or juju his way!!! 

Update: Bubba has been adopted thanls to Dogs are Deserving Rescue