When we first met Abner, he was completely skin and bones; he had a pretty bad wound on his front right foot and his spine is curved. He came in with Fizz and Scribbles, both found living in their own excrement in the home of a repeat abuser. Abner was left in the basement. He had no food or water and his "owner" was entertaining a friend when the police arrived. Did Abner get sent to the basement to be forgotten? To starve to death so the "owner" didn't have to deal with him? Because he had a wound and it was too much for the "owner" to look at every day? Thankfully, the police confiscated Abner. Abner couldn't even use that front right foot. Luckily, with Chicago ACC's medical care, and the love of the volunteers, he is healing and can finally stand on that foot that the police thought was broken when they first saw him. Abner is beyond sweet, mellow, takes treats gently and is finally getting multiple meals every day and just look at that adorable face!!!! We promise you will fall in love too. We are so happy to know Abner because it means he is away from his abuser and he will never go without again. We welcome Abner with open arms!! We hope you do too!

Abner has been adopted thanks to Epic Rescue.