Bones (fka Marmaduke)

There were so many kisses from Marmaduke, now known as Bones, this morning when he hitched his ride out of his cage forever and into the awesome arms of his rescuer with Tiny N Tall Rescue Inc.!!! Bones was confiscated by the police when they responded to a call stating someone had chained their dog to a car and was driving while dragging the dog behind. In addition to that horrific experience, Bones has entropian in both eyes which means he can barely see and his eyes are painful. We're so thankful he will get the needed surgery to fix his eyes very soon and will be sleeping in a warm bed in a loving foster home tonight! With all the kisses he showered on us it's obvious Bones was also thankful of finally getting a chance at the life he deserves. Thank you Tiny N Tall!!!