Update: Toe White is available for adoption through Dogs Are Deserving Rescue

Toe-white came to Chicago ACC in November when she was found locked in a dark shed with no ventilation, the floor was caked in feces and urine. She had a very large tumor on her left elbow and old bite scars on her face and legs. She and the two other dogs she was found with were used to guard the auto parts lot the defendant owned. She was afraid of us when we first met her. She cringed and ducked if you moved over her head too quickly. But with a lot of love and patience, we watched her come out of her shell.  Still a bit timid,  the tail wags increased as did the kisses to many of her human friends. She enjoys figuring out feeder toy puzzles and being pet on her side and chest. Her tumor was removed and is thankfully benign and now she is awaiting her forever home.

Toe 2