Mimosa and her kids

Mimosa and her kids, Ozzy and Harriet, hit the road yesterday thanks to Players for Pits, NFP!!! This little family is amazing! Despite the awful abuse Mimosa went through she is a love, giving kisses and sitting on the laps of everyone she meets. I am in awe of her resilience. Such a smart, light-hearted girl who knows there is still time for fun and room for joy and kindness. I know she is lucky to have those qualities. They helped her make it through. Her kids were so well mannered and learned sit within minutes! All three were adorable running around, playing tug, sharing toys, and having a ball while we fitted them for harnesses before they hit the road. We are so thankful someone took the videos of abuse, the police took them seriously by confiscating the dogs and arresting the owner and charging him with animal cruelty. Mimosa is a lucky girl with a guardian angel out there. I hope that angel is safe and knows Mimosa is going to have a life full of love because of them.