Martini made his way to Chicago ACC when he was found chained out in a yard with our dear Mint-julip and big boy Brown Sugar. Life on a chain is an isolated, lonely life. No human contact, you can see other dogs but can't interact, and you're lucky to get even a brief moment of interest when someone comes by with some food. Martini is timid because he has no experience with anything beyond that chain. He is just starting to take treats from our hands and get used to our weird human movements, but oh boy does he love other dogs!! Martini is growing more and more comfortable everyday, but our world at CACC is very small in comparison to the big world he will need to learn to navigate when he leaves here. We would love to find a patient and loving foster home with other dogs who could help Martini build his confidence and who can help Martini experience the world at the slow pace he'll appreciate. 

Update: Martini is available for adoption thanks to Forget me Not Animal Rescue