We met Kokomo when the police confiscated her from a basement she was living in with her brother Alfie. They were basically being starved. The home was full of feces and urine. Kokomo is all bone, hips jutting out, you can count every rib. She is fabulous! So sweet, gentle, knows sit and down, leans into her people for some loving. Kokomo is about 9 years old but she has a really cool kick in her step and loves a good game of fetch and time to run around. We'd love to get her into a loving foster home with an amazing rescue to put some meat on her bones and find a forever home for her golden years. 

Update: Kokomo is available for adoption thanks to Dogs are Deserving Rescue

Off-leash with male dog: https://youtu.be/N9ULaEl7Bng
Meeting male dog: https://youtu.be/bXtkv2OjXcc