We have all fallen head over heals in love with our newest Court Case Dog, Hyacinth. She was so afraid when we first met her she was trembling, barely courageous enough to walk, her tail wrapped flat to her stomach. She allowed us to pet her and when we moved she moved with us looking for comfort. She has had so many litters of puppies in her 7 years and cowered when we moved our hands over her head too quickly. Her previous owner was a felon who was not allowed to have unfixed/unmicrochipped dogs and was arrested for numerous gun charges. Hyacinth's life was not the life she should have had. She has already started to blossom so nicely in just the past week. She wags her tail at every human and dog she sees, carries herself much more confidently, and has even asked for some belly rubs. She is truly a gentle soul. We are lucky to know her and help her find a life where she feels safe, loved, protected, and part of a family who will always have her back so much that one day she'll have a moment where a brief thought will cross her mind of worry and she'll realize that is no longer part of who she is. She will breath a sigh of relief that those days are gone and rest her head back in her adopter's lap knowing there is nothing but love now.