This sweet older boy was sadly just left behind, locked in an apartment. Thankfully, the police brought him to CACC, so he could get the second chance he so deserves. He is a sweet boy, friendly from the moment we met him. He has traumatic scarring on his back and legs, his nails are too long and his elbows are rubbed raw. He just looks like he hasn't had it easy and yet he came running back to his handler in the playlot so happy to get some time to run around and get some attention. He was fine with handling all over body, teeth check, ears, feet and being hugged. He already knows sit and he liked his bone and wanted to find a nice place to enjoy it and traded up for a few treats. More info soon on his dog test. Please come meet this sweet gent and rescue him!!! Since he is a Safe Humane Chicago Court Case Dog he's been evaluated by a certified trainer/behaviorist and comes with a lifetime of behavior support if needed. For more information please email