Scout is a 2-year-old Pit Bull/Boxer Mix.

Distinguishing Characteristics

I love to be around people. Whether we are cuddling or they are just in the same room as me. I love someone to keep me company. I love doing things, anything. If my human counterparts are doing or going anywhere, I want to go and help.

Do you have any canine housemates?

No, just me and my dad.

How did you join your family?

I joined the SHC Court Case Dogs program and then was rescued by One Tail at a Time. During my time with fosters, I worked at IL Youth Center in hopes of achieving my Canine Good Citizen Award (which I eventually did). From then, my dad, Chris adopted me and i've been happy as ever since.

Do you have any “jobs”? Tell us about them and what you like most about them.

Not at the moment, but I am very eager to start my ambassador work at IYC again!

Do you have any “hobbies”?

I have quite a few hobbies and can't pick my favorite. I love swimming and taking runs and bike rides. I also love going to dog camp and playing outside with my dog friends all day. My funnest hobby would be agility though. I have such a blast doing it, and I think I'm pretty good at it.

What is your favorite trick?

I absolutely love doing tricks; for treats, of course. I like doing shakes/paw, hi-fives, and roll overs. My favorites are probably closing doors or my army crawl.

What is your favorite toy?

Anything i can chew and shred to bits. A rope or stuffed toy are perfect!

What is your favorite treat?

I'm not picky, but I love marrow bones.

What do you like to do when your dad isn't home?

I love to sleep. I like to think I'm the laziest, calmest high energy dog out there. I can sleep all day or run all day.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about your work with Safe Humane Chicago or anything else?

I am eager to get working w/ SHC again. I know the work they do with my canine friends (especially the ones who were once in bad situations with bad owners like I once was) is very beneficial to dogs and people alike. I feel, without them, I would never be the dog I am today. I am indebted to them, so I am eager to repay the favors they've done for me by helping them out in any way possible. Also, with me being a pit bull breed, I hope I can make a difference in any way for my pittie friends in need.