Grizzly is a female Norwegian Elkhound Mix born on 7/16/07.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Often mistaken for a wolf or bear, Grizzly has a large mane-like neck ruff and a fabulously fluffy tail. In a behavior that is unique to Elkhounds, she puts her ears back as a show of affection. She likes to make snow angles. Grizzly was rescued from Crawford County Humane Society in southern Illinois where she was in danger of being euthanized due to overcrowding. Her parents started off fostering her but fell in love with her and formally adopted her.

Do you have any canine housemates?

No, but I do have three cat housemates who like to run and leap over me when I am lying down or walk underneath my belly and rub against me when I am standing up. I had a canine guest for a week once, but that was enough of that.

How did you join your family?

One day I was running around in the woods with my friends and the next I was locked up in a cage. I was scared and sick. I was there for a long time and then I was crammed in a van with a bunch of other dogs and even some cats. We drove for a really long time and then I was taken out of the can and given to my human. She took me home with her and I’ve been there ever since.

Do you have any “jobs”? Tell us about them and what you like most about them.

I have a lot of jobs. If something falls on the floor, I clean it up right away! If my humans leave food out on the coffee table, I eat it so it doesn’t go bad. I like both those jobs because they are delicious. I also make sure all the cats behave. Sometimes the cats fight so I have to break it up. Its hard work because they don’t always listen. I also have to make sure my humans don’t get lost when we go on walks. They get confused easily, like when we’re supposed to be going to the pet store, but they walk in the wrong direction. It’s so annoying.

Do you have any “hobbies”?

My main hobby is napping. I also like to chase squirrels, but I am not allowed. I have a blog called “Hound Around Town” where I write about my adventures and I rate place and treats so other dogs will know if they’re good or not.

Do you do any tricks? What is your favorite?

I don’t really do any tricks, but I have taught my humans to give me food when I wave, sit, lie down, stay come, give them my paw. I’ve been trying to teach them to give me food for other things too, but they are slow learners.

What is your favorite toy?

I don’t play with toys very much. I like some sticks (but not all of them) and I have a Chuck it bumper toy that’s fund for a little while. Sometimes a ball can be okay. I do get a little excited by my human’s bunny slippers, but who wouldn’t? I mean, bunnies! YUM! But I really prefer food to toys.

What is your favorite treat?

Oh boy! Yes, treats are definitely my favorite! I like lamb ears and lamb puffs and peanut butter and strawberries and pig hearts and cheese and cheeseburgers and sausages and barbecue and MMMMMM!

What do you like to do when your parents aren’t home?

When my humans leave me alone I miss them a lot. The rest is between me and the cats.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about your work with Safe Humane Chicago or anything else?

I like going to schools and meeting the boys and girls and I like going to all the events where I get pet and given treats. And I like snow – lots and lots of snow!