Birdie, over Rainbow Bridge

Birdie is a female Bloodhound born on 3/15/06.

Distinguishing Characteristics

She has a full black coat, huge ears and feet, a tail that can clear a coffee table in one happy wag, most excellent sniffer, Olympic drool finger, and has never met anyone she does not like.

Do you have any canine housemates?

I have a bunkmate. He’s a big gorilla but his name is “Trout”, go figure. We wrestle sometimes, play tug of war and chase each other around. I let him win at games because he takes it all more seriously than I do.

How did you join your family?

My mom’s sister found out about a big black and tan hound that was in danger at a shelter near where she lives in South Carolina. The shelter thought I was a coonhound and since my mom volunteers for a coonhound rescue, they thought she might be able to save me. Even though my mom recognized right away that I wasn’t a coonie, there was something about me that made her decide to adopt me and fly me here to Chicago.

Do you have any “jobs”? Tell us about them and what you like most about them.

I do pet visitations where I go places and smile a lot at people. I wag my tail, grin harder and folks pet me. I really, really like people so I get a big kick out of this when they giggle and rub my head or talk to me. I work in several Safe Humane Chicago programs too, with the boys at Illinois Youth Center, going to schools with Youth Leaders and some other events.

Do you have any “hobbies”?

My nose is a truly magnificent organ I like to do things with. We play this game where I find food in boxes hidden in the room. I get very excited each time. Sunbathing and singing are awesome hobbies too. I can hike for miles and never get tired.

Do you do any tricks? What is your favorite?

I do a couple tricks but have to be honest; it’s not really my thing. I’ll give you “five” with my big meat hooks, or I can rollover or show you how I can wait till you tell me it’s ok to eat treats on my paws or on the floor.

What is your favorite toy?

Whichever one is newest as long as it doesn’t smell weird.

What is your favorite treat?

I never met a treat I didn’t like.

What do you like to do when your parents aren’t home?

Sometimes I sleep, sometimes I do yoga and meditate. Right now I’m trying to figure out Facebook.

Is there anything you would like to tell us about your work with Safe Humane Chicago or anything else?

I like meeting all the new people at Safe Humane Chicago programs put me in contact with. I like to be up close and personal with people, look into their eyes and let them know I see someone wonderful looking back at me. I really think being kind is contagious so I am ready to spread the love.