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Safe Humane's Community Re-Entry Program, an outgrowth of its Lifetime Bonds Programs

Produced by Beedy Media in collaboration with Safe Humane Chicago for Diamonds in the Ruff 2019



YMCA's Youth Safety & Violence Prevention (YSVP) teams up with Safe Humane Chicago

Produced by YMCA


The Grand Event slideshow celebrating 1000 Court Case Dogs

Produced by Josh Feeney

Safe Humane Chicago through Dolly's Eyes -- Diamonds in the Ruff 2018

Produced by Beedy Productions, Dave Beedy 


Antonio's Story: Lifetime Bonds with Jazzy -- Diamonds in the Ruff 2017

Produced by Dave Beedy

Where the human-animal bond shines - Diamonds in the Ruff 2016

produced by Cerise Films and Chista Velbel, using the stills of Josh Feeney and the action shots of Amstaphy Dog Photography (Martin Aspera)

Swindle's Story, a Court Case Dog

Safe Humane Chicago - An Introduction

Produced by Dave Beedy


VALOR - Veterans Advancing Lives Of Rescues, a program of Safe Humane Chicago

Produced by Karl Productions

Because of Francis

Produced by Sarah Lauch for Diamonds in the Ruff 2013

An amazing story that is sure to touch your soul. How the Court Case Dog Program got started and brought Safe Humane Chicago's mission full circle.

Joel and Wigwam

Produced by Sarah Lauch for Diamonds in the Ruff 2013

Sometimes when you rescue a dog, she rescues you!  U.S. Army veteran Joel Rudnick and Court Case Dog Wigwam are an example, helping each other.  This is a perfect match, thanks to Chicago Pit Stop rescue.

The Fire Poodles

Produced by Sarah Lauch for Diamonds in the Ruff 2013

It takes a village! Eight poodles saved by the Chicago Fire Department, neighbors, veterinarians, Chicago Animal Care & Control, and Safe Humane programming.  Thanks to Chicago Canine Rescue and adopters, the dogs are now living the good life in good homes.


Produced by Sarah Lauch for Diamonds in the Ruff 2013

Ordered to attack, shot by police, vetted at Chicago Animal Care & Control, socialized with Safe Humane Chicago, taken in by One Tail At a Time, now in a loving home with two adoring brothers.


WCIU's The Jam on Safe Humane Chicago's Lifetime Bonds

Produced by WCIU


Lifetime Bonds

Produced by Karl Productions 

Lifetime Bonds programs provide opportunities for at-risk youth and at-risk dogs to help one another.

Safe Humane Chicago in the 'Hood

Produced by Safe Humane Chicago

Young people and dogs in communities challenged by crime and lack of resources. This young man speaks out for safe, humane commuities. Safe Humane Chicago is an unprecedented alliance of people and organizations devoted to stopping the violence by replacing it with opportunities, education and good homes for people and companion animals.


Youth Leaders

Produced by Best Friends Animal Society 

Offered through participating Chicago Public Schools, the Safe Humane Chicago Youth Leaders program is an elective that educates and certifies Chicago Public high school students as Safe Humane presenters and ambassadors in disadvantaged communities.

Court Case Dogs

Produced by Digital Cake in association with The Second City Dream Team and Safe Humane Chicago 

Safe Humane Chicago, in partnership with Chicago Animal Care and Control, has established a compassionate approach to dogs who are victims of neglect, cruelty and abuse.  Volunteers are essential to the programming.  So are businesses, as this partnership with The Second City demonstrates.